welcome to made to steal, yet another lj icon site. navigation above, updates and site policy below.

want, comment, credit, have. if you see an icon you like, please email me or leave me a comment. i'd also appreciate credit, but as long as you're not claiming to have made the icon or direct linking, i'll survive. DO NOT DIRECT LINK. i will find out, and i will replace it with something hideous, so trust me when i say it's not worth it. thanks.

also, i'm currently taking requests due to severe boredom with the internet as a whole. so if you want me to make you an icon, email or comment me with at least two of the following three: a picture, a quote, and a fandom. also tell me anything else i need to know (including your lj handle if you're emailing) and i will most likely make it for you. all requests will be shareable.

05.31.06 updating once a year is AWESOME.
05.12.05 haha, i haven't updated in a year! there's some new stuff. hooray.
04.16.04 another lotr cast set (books).
03.24.04 uploaded a lotr cast set (books), and a btvs set (tv). also, morons, i CAN see when you hotlink my icons, so please stop doing it. dumbasses.
03.04.04 i had to move a bunch of icons around because assholes are hot-linking, and then deleting my comments to them when i politely ask them to stop. people are dumb.
02.29.04 added a btvs set and a celebrity poker set under tv.
02.27.04 added an actress set under movies, a book set under books, and a brush set under misc. oh, and a firefly set under tv.
02.24.04 added a set of 77 icons for 24.
01.30.04 uploaded many many icons. coding all that shit was a bitch and a half, yo.
01.29.04 made site. yay.

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